about amy

Amy Turner Senftleben has been drawing on anything and everything, at all times, for as long as she can remember. Her future in art & design was pretty much nailed when she started repurposing things in unusual ways: building doll houses out of record album covers, turning old wrapping paper display boxes into wall art, and – craving order and simplicity – redesigning the control panel of her mother’s car. She also admits to a hair-standing-on-end reaction to color combinations.

After receiving her B.S. in Communications from Boston University, Amy spent 10 years on the agency side in New York City. As an Art Director for Medallion Retail and Momentum, she developed retail campaigns, promotions, events, and collateral design for clients such as American Express, Barnes & Noble, Qwest (now CenturyLink), Sirius Satellite Radio, and Converse.

She first dipped her toe in the creative entrepreneur waters in 2004; after giving birth to her son, she founded Toccare Design / Hip Kid Art, where she created modern social stationery and children’s wall art products, sold in hundreds of stores across the U.S. This successful venture led to full-fledged solopreneurship, and shortly after, she launched Amy Turner Design, where she exercises her well-toned creative triple-threat muscles as art director, designer, and illustrator. She specializes in interactive design, branding & identity, retail, promotion and packaging for clients in a diverse range of industries, including Bacardi, McGraw-Hill Publishing, The New York Times, Hospitality Holdings, Coffaro’s Baking Company, and numerous start-up companies nationwide.

When she steps away from InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and her paintbrush and pencils, Amy dives into yoga, running, swimming, and rowing (she was a gold medalist at both the 1996 World Rowing Championships and the 1992 National Collegiate Rowing Championships). She’s also an avid reader, traveler, Pinterest fanatic, and unabashed viewer of Bravo TV. After 16 years on the east coast, she returned with her family to her roots in the Seattle area in 2006.